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Single crystal & black single lab grown diamonds

SHIKKOKU DIamond is monocrystal and solid black Lag Grown Diamonds,
which broaden the expressible world view and
contribute to the new jewelry creativity with
the world's fist brilliance as never before.


Diamond Consulting

Supporting by professionals manufacturing diamonds with plenty of knowledge

We provide plenty of knowledge about the manufacturing and application of diamonds as
not only jewelry but also semiconductor.
Prof. Tokuda of Kanazawa University is a member of our company,
therefore we have top-level knowledge regarding the technology and application in Japan.


Diamond semiconductor wafer

Wafer of “diamond” as a semiconductor material for next generation

SHIKKOKU DIamond will be semiconductor material for next generation and
wafer of diamond called “ultimate semiconductor” because of high physical property.
They will realize low cost and increasing in size.


We are
professionals in
labo-grown diamonds

What is diamond?


Lab Grown Diamond

These diamonds are created at a laboratory, not by excavating.
They have the same materials, crystal structure and brilliance as the natural diamonds.
The difference between natural and lab grown diamonds are only how they're made.


Semiconductor Diamond

Diamonds have extremely high physical property, and are called “ultimate semiconductor”.
They will be semiconductor materials for next generation and
supersede silicon, SiC (silicon carbide) and GaN (gallium nitride).